The Pound Recovery After Brexit: It’s Happening! (No Offense Intended!)

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The Pound Recovery After Brexit: It’s Happening! (No Offense Intended!)

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The Pound Recovery After Brexit: A Look from Grass Roots Level.
The Pound Recovery After Brexit: Its Happening!


What Does The Pound Recovery After Brexit Look Like?

You have read the columns from the economists and the financial data in the media, and with all the Hodge Podge of predictions you are wondering what does the pound recovery after Brexit REALLY look like? Here is my personal outlook/opinions, gleaned from listening to discussions in the pubs, from hearing the average guys opinions, from listening to debates around the dinner table, and from reading financial data in order to  plan my own personal trading strategies with my son, also a trader in the Forex markets…

All us Forex traders and brokers have been watching for the pound recovery after Brexit like hawks, and no matter what you read in the news and politics, you can rest assured that it is going to be sooner than later, to once again become the strongest currency in the world. The media was stuffed full of articles of the ‘scare mongering’ tactics before the Brexit vote, these from the ‘remain campaigners’… insisting the British economy would collapse, causing economic instability, and financial chaos, if the leave Vote won, and this has not happened.

Perhaps these tactics from the remain campaign  aroused suspicion more than anything else, because the Leave campaigners were more concerned with the problem of  excessive immigrants a problem that is currently being experienced in many first world nations all over the world.  In many countries the influx of excessive immigrants  causes a dilution of culture, an increase in crime rates, affects employment, and basic services from health care to education. How purely British were the Leave campaigners anyway? ( **No Offense Intended Here**) There is also a positive aspect where legal immigrants do offer many positive contributions to the country they settle in which we will not elaborate on here…

We All Know What Happened Afterwards…

Sure there was a bump in the road when the leave campaign came out victorious, with a major drop in the Pound which did crash down almost 13 percent against the Dollar, the lowest it has sunk in decades. Remember the statements from the UK government and doom forecasters insisting a major financial and economic crash was imminent, including a mass exodus of qualified and professional people from the employment sectors. This NEVER happened and I cannot believe it is going to…

The pound recovery after Brexit is already happening and the British economy is NOT collapsing like everyone thought it would. Matter of fact, looking up the recent figures indicate  unemployment levels have dropped, an increase in applications for British citizenship have kept the UK border agency busy, and tourists are still visiting what has remained one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Companies still find the UK an attractive investment destination , and the EU are scrambling to clarify future trade agreements!

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Why The Pound and British Economy will Bounce Back.

Even though there is much uncertainty where it concerns relations with the European Union; companies have not rushed to leave, top level qualified employees from the EU have not run off with their tail between their legs, and there is still positive consumer confidence. Why is this?

The answer is simple: England Works, and the British people do everything right… Crime is dealt with effectively and severely, services and institutions work efficiently, systems tick along smoothly and the British Government takes care of its citizens. This all the majority rather than the exceptions which there always will be!

Newly elected Theresa may has  been quoted saying that where it concerns Britain leaving the EU that “We must be clear that we are going to make a success of it,”

The bank of England after analysis of the financial markets and response from business adjusted its monetary policies restoring confidence in Britain, and if you follow financial news articles you will see overall the economy remains robust and sound.

Pound Recovery after Brexit is On the Cards.

Uncertainty over the upcoming US vote in November will cause jitters in the markets and all eyes will turn to the US to see how these vital elections will turn out. Imagine how this is going to affect the Dollar Vs other currencies. Once again Trump has pinpointed the problem of illegal immigrants causing huge outcry from both sides of the fence. Which camps are making the most noises in this case? Will people out loud voice their support for Hillary Clinton but secretly vote for Donald Trump?

(Prepare to plan your trading strategies accordingly for this upcoming major ripple in the financial markets!) Read more about Trumps Immigration Policies here!

Trading Strategies Dollar vs Pound Forex

Since Brexit economists and the Forex markets have watched the British economy with a magnifying glass, and even they will agree stability is beginning to return. Although the recovery of the pound after Brexit has been extremely slow, it has nevertheless been steady, and upcoming decisions from Downing Street regarding the many issues from immigration policies to economy decisions, will be done in favour of British citizens…

Yes; Britain works in all sectors of the economy from industrial, and manufacturing to international trade, and now the EU feel robbed now that Britain have become an independent with the ability to make their own decisions. If this was such a slap in the face, why are all EU countries still scrambling to renew, renegotiate and cement ties with one of the most powerful nations in the world?

Unfortunately many countries governments cannot manage their own affairs or take care of their citizens squandering tax payer money

, and when this happens the average Joe will seek to settle where the grass is greener. This is in terms of personal safety, and a better lifestyle for them and their families,  quality health care, employment and access to efficient services. Britain has always had the upper hand in making the quality of life as great as possible  for its citizens and visitors. Excessive immigrants could perhaps dilute this stability, cause overload on the welfare system, pressure on its public funds, and in many countries this has been a fact, and so this became one of the main factors of creating an option for British citizens called the Brexit vote.

Faith in a Strong Britain from Grass Roots Levels.

The continued faith in a strong Britain is a main factor that will cause the recovery of the pound after Brexit and the confidence overall in manufacturing , service related industries, safety and security , and consumer confidence will keep this currency to remain one of the strongest in the world..

the Recovery of the Pound after Brexit Trendings

Companies will continue to invest in Britain, qualified individuals from the EU working in Britain also know that working conditions, salaries and wages, and employee protection are sound and will thus seek citizenship after a taste of living in a country where everything works. Financial markets are naturally still cautious of what could happen after the trigger of article 40 meaning officially leaving the EU but nevertheless this may once again be the next bump in the road but the pound recovery after Brexit will still remain on its upward trend.

The old saying ‘People in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones’ is true after all that is Brexit. Governments in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East must start sorting out their own affairs instead of criticizing other nations. Sweep in front of your own door…. This begins with governments and politicians that steer the country and being in control of all aspects from safety and security, to health care and services delivery; start doing everything possible to take care of their citizens, and taking a leaf out of the book of Britain is a great start.

The UK remains one of the most popular destinations in the European Union for tourism, for those seeking employment, and for overseas firms seeking sound investments. The pound recovery after Brexit in my opinion is clear, and my views have been based on living in different countries and experiencing different lifestyles.

Once governments start taking care of their citizens putting them first to ensure peace and prosperity, you have a powerful and patriotic nation that will do everything possible to support the principles of democracy and freedom! Why would you leave your country if it did just that?

( Note The Article above Are My Personal Views, and in many cases that from listening to debates from many average guys in the street, and trading colleagues…)