Financial Markets and Forex Manipulation. Use Your Instincts…

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Financial Markets and Forex Manipulation. Use Your Instincts…

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Using Forex Manipulation to Your Advantage!

Forex Manipualtion, Market Data Misinformation

Financial Markets Manipulation is REAL!

Banks, large corporations and the very wealthy are constantly being caught out in markets manipulation scenarios, where they will dump stocks, or make large buys of currencies, assets, or commodities, which will sway the prices the way they want them to go! Forex manipulation is not where it stops either, with commodities, stocks, bonds and all financial market assets being played in these games. Even the media are often guilty of data misinformation because they will print what they are told to print, or use information given to them by financial experts, economists and government. It is not a conspiracy either….

Everyone knows about forex manipulation and data manipulation, though financial experts, economists and brokers will not come out of the closet and say it! There are also many movies that have been made like the ‘World of Wall Street’ for one example showing how markets can be swayed by dishonest data release, hoaxes, misinformation. Sure they are just movies but where did the ideas come from?

***Just recently large South African banks were found guilty of market and currency forex manipulation and all they got was a slap on the wrist and a fine. That’s it. Until next time they get caught?

Forex Manipulation Tips for Traders.

When trading in the financial markets, many traders get it wrong expecting prices go in a certain direction according to what fundamentals and financial data indicate. This is very frustrating and naturally causes loss of investments, because that ‘sure thing’ trade goes completely wrong. According to everything studied the trades should have gone the way they were supposed to and according to trading strategies …but they didn’t!

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You need to dig deeper sometimes, and make double trades using possible forex manipulation instinct to do the opposite of what financial data indicates. It certainly is not easy to do either. Remember Brexit when everyone was certain of how the Pound Dollar would go, same applying for when Donald Trump became president.  Everyone traded on a downswing of the Dollar.. Never happened though the media said it was a sure thing going to happen? When the news, economists, and financial data are all crowing that the currency will go in one direction, or shortage of a commodity is going to make prices rise etc… be suspicious and trade in the opposite.

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In many cases my son and I have done this smugly realizing that somewhere there is forex manipulation or financial data misinformation being fed to traders to cause the swing the manipulating parties say they expect, but those in the know, make it go the other way by massive buys, selling and other major issues which cause huge spikes in the charts. Use your instinct when you see there is a blast of information about a currency, stock, commodity or asset..

Cover yourself with careful strategies, and try and read between the lines and you will start seeing a picture forming of what REALLY is going on out there.

When there is massive news and expectations of what a currency, stock or commodity is going to do, then think carefully, because someone somewhere may be manipulating the market, the information or feeding traders sure things to use in their trading strategies, when they know really aren’t!





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